Breakfast Anyone?


With last week being a week of set backs, of epic proportions I might add. I felt good enough this morning to try to make my kiddos breakfast. Even though the doctor said to let the kids do all the prepping while I rest and for my only job to be the compilation of the meals, I guess you could say that I’ve hit my peak of feeling like a sluggard and was determined to help start their school day with a breakfast aroma that just shouted out “I love you guys”.

That being said, I slowly (doctors orders) looked through the fridge and pulled out all of the ingredients to make an egg frittata. Sydney and I watched one of the cooking shows make one on Saturday, so I thought I’d try it. Out came the leftover paleo hash that Gary made for me on Saturday, the eggs, green onions, black olives, frozen peas, butter, homemade pesto, cilantro and ricotta. Started on the stove and then placed in the oven, I’d say that for the 10 minutes worth of prep it was well worth it.

Thank you Lord for giving me the strength, desire and ability to still care for my family. I pray that all I do will honor and glorify you!

My Version of the Egg Frittata

Saute (in a large cast iron pan, this one made 8 slices that fit on a salad plate):
Leftover Paleo Hash, cut up green onion, black olives, frozen peas, in butter and a little grape seed oil

Mix 8 eggs, cilantro, salt and pepper, and add about 3/4 C. Milk

Pour over the sauteed vegetables. Let cook until starting to firm around edges. Then dollop the pesto and ricotta on top and place in the oven at 350 for about 20-30 minutes. Cut and serve hot.

Mmmmmmm!!!! Now I’m off to bed, my one activity for the day is done. 🙂

Our version of paleo hash:
turnips, beets, large white radish, onions cut up into small cubes and sauteed until soft. Yum!

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