Less to say, more to see…

Since I’ve had my setback, I’ve not been up to having to think much about blogging. I have enjoyed posts of other bloggers, however, my brain seems to be on hold. Therefore, I am going to share a few pictures that I feel are reflective of our week.  After all, who isn’t watching the Olympics.   Enjoy!

Olympic Training Center – Go team USA!



Our son’s first and prayerfully last car accident this past weekend.  Makes all my pains and woes seem insignificant.  Shaken yet not bruised, he and a friend made it out unscathed other than a minor dash burn on the knee (because they both were in kilts after competing in the local regional qualifiers).  The car didn’t fair as well, we will have to see just what they are going to do with it.

Praise the Lord for His almighty mercy on our family.  How can we ask more anything more?  Life is so precious, our children are a gift from the Lord to be loved, praised and cared for.  Instructing in the way of the Lord so that He may be glorified.IMG_0711

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