Breakfast and Ramblings…

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Disclaimer:  I wasn’t going to post this until my son encouraged me to as a social experiment for his study of Anthropolgy.  He is curious as to how much trouble I will be in with comments.

After 5 days of not eating dairy, limited beef, no sugar and of course limited gluten free carbs, you could say I needed something that would satisfy.  So, this morning our son once again made his famous “egg tortilla” and just the thought made me nauseous.  I am almost sick of eggs.  Almost…

I looked in the cupboard and decided that Quinoa hot cereal with fresh fruit sounded wonderful.  So, as I pulled out all of the things I wanted to add to it, I was reminded of the last time I added Hemp Hearts to my breakfast.  My son usually makes his jokes about moms “pot stash”.  Now, for those of you who know me, you know this has got to be a joke.  After all, most comments or nicknames I get are more along the lines of the “bible thumper”, “tree hugger”, or “prude”.   Where would he come up with such a joke?  Well, apparently he watched some documentary on an educational channel about Hemp Hearts and their usage in growing marijuana.  Who would have thought.  I mean, when I read about the health benefits of nuts and seeds I guess I assume you can safely buy them without a stigma attached.   Although, as I mentioned to one friend, I wonder if the Hemp Hearts will have the same medicinal benefit as smoking the plant, without the side affects.  NOT likely…

Can I just add… I understand medicinal usage for some, however, legalizing it?  Really?  Just goes to show you how influential Hollywood is.  I have teenagers that have enjoyed some of the zombi apocolypse movies and we laugh over the unrealistic characteristics of humanity.  Well, I now admit that it’s a very real possibility.  Unlike the recent statement that it’s no worse than alcohol, experts have declared that smoking up to 8 in a month actually can alter one’s DNA that will affect even their grandchildren.  I mean, think about it.  Legalizing it, creating a society that in 20 years will be reflective of human zombies walking around who collect entitlements because they are too stoned and lazy to work.  Then you throw in the push for healthy eating and minimally processed foods (which I agree with).  What does that have to do with the zombi apocolypse?  Have you ever heard of munchies?  Well, the way I figure it, there will be human zombies  with constant munchie syndrom looking for food not easily found to cure the crave, so just maybe they will start eating those of us who are the healthy , motivated go getters.  I mean, would they be able to recognize or conceive the wisdom to understand it’s the go getters that provide the funding for those entitlements?    Of course, if all the Lymies were to be eaten by the zombies then it would be like War of the Worlds and our spirochetes would kill them.   Ahhhhh, there is a plus to having Lymes.  I knew God would not disappoint and that there was purpose!  I don’t know, maybe I have too much time on my hands to think and watched too many movies in the last 6 months of “doing nothing”.

Sorry, just a rambling thought…. or maybe I am feeling the side affects… either way,  here was breakfast!

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Quinoa Flakes cooked as box directed, 2 TBS Coconut Milk, 2 TBS Hemp Hearts, 2 TBS Pumpkin seeds, 1 TBS coconut, dash of salt…. topped off with sliced banana, blueberries, and rasberries!


(I have to admit, I had about 5 good hours of almost normal after eating it.  Hmmmmm.)

2 thoughts on “Breakfast and Ramblings…”

  1. You crack me up Sherry! But seriously now, I understand that hemp seeds sold as protein or bird food are supposed to be sterile: hemp is illegal to grow in this country! You’ve got to be in a medical marijuana state to grow cannabis, perhaps coming soon to Illinois? Evidently the recently passed Farm Bill opened up growing hemp in a few sites in the US and states are rallying to be selected. In the meantime I’ll take my high CBD hemp oil and leave the medical and recreational THC-laden cannabis to those other folks. So let’s all hug a hemp stalk and keep our sanity, eh?

    1. I’m glad I made you smile. That is a typical day at our house. Strange thoughts, kids laughing at their mother, and plain old ramblings if life. I have forwarded your last post to our friends whose daughter has Dravet. She is a beautiful sweet child who suffers. We have been praying for her for years. On the other spectrum I have family in CO and within a few miles of their home they want to build a marijuana super store. Really? As it is they have break ins at the regular stores and armed guards, the banks aren’t sure if even holding funds from those accounts are legal. It’s just a plain old “zombi” mess.

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