Mind dump…

I find that at the moment I am at a loss for words and find writing difficult.  It’s for no other reason than because I am in a whirlwind of thoughts.

1.  Our oldest is graduating!  The plans for graduation are slow yet in the process.  There is ALOT to do and so little time.

2.  So much to do before the graduation!  The yard, the garage and the house seem overwhelming at the moment and I’m not sure how helpful it is to have “mom” and “wife” sitting in a chair directing while “husband” and “kids” do all the work.  After all, I usually am the one tearing things apart and organizing.  My husband can usually count on a day of absolute insanity cleaning.  Rearranging an entire room, pulling everything out of the garage for cleaning, or cleaning out the basement and hosting a garage sale.  Not this year…. illness has not been our friend.  Oh my, how will it all get done…fairies?  Elves?

3.  Spring planting of the new “gardens”.  Yes, new and yes plural!  We have ripped out the fence of the garden I now fear and are considering plans for that area.  One garden tower has arrived yet it still needs the dirt and the worms and then the seeds to be planted.  The 10 pot hydroponics system has yet to come and prayerfully it will not until some of the chores are done and the other garden is up and growing.

4.  Treatment and doctor decisions.  I have taken another spiral downward after a short reprieve.  So, after 10 months of searching for the doctor who treated/cured one patient who I admire for their courage, I found him!  So, the question is whether or not we work from here on his protocol that he has written in a book I read in a day, or do I travel across the country to meet him in person.  In speaking to one of my two doctors, it has already been agreed upon that what his treatment plan is makes sense and although I have come close to addressing the issues he explains, we have not to the degree in which he would.  So, the call was made this morning and I await a call back to see how this may fit into my search for healing.

5.  Bees…. Oh the hive must be looked at and I must find the time.  Maybe Thursday… If they are getting ready to swarm then I still have time to order another batch of bees, if my queen is dead, then I still have time to order another one to take over.  If the drones are ready to succeed their queen with another, I should at least limit their choices.  I need to also join the Bee Keepers Club so that I can have a mentor… I really do not know what I am doing and last years hive production was very low with very little return.

6.  School is almost done…yet it is not yet complete.  There are still things that have to be accomplished and I need to reserve my energy to make sure the spring awareness of summers approach doesn’t distract.

Wow, that actually felt good to get out.  Kind of a mind dumping.  Sorry all of you had to be a part of it, however, I really and honestly have nothing else to write about.  Thanks for listening to me ramble.  It really did help.  😉

6 thoughts on “Mind dump…”

    1. I know… I am not up to it yet it brings such peace and if it’s on the porch I can easily poke at and grab what I need without doing much. The hydroponics is self sufficient and the kiddos can water the tower. We will see… Maybe a new doc will help me through… Maybe…

  1. Hugs and prayers for you, friend. Spring is always so busy. I can’t imagine what it would be like with such an illness. It’ll all work out somehow.

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