The life of a cat…

Spring flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the birds are sweetly chirping…now that could be the reason for the 4:00 wake up calls by “the” cat.  It just has to be that he hears the birds and since they are awake we should be too.  Especially when he knows breakfast will be served upon our feet hitting the carpet.  There are no meows, only a high pitched chirping whine, every five minutes.  Seriously you would think he was dying.  We used to listen to him for two hours before hiking downstairs to feet them (since we usually make their food), now, we put the dishes upstairs along with a can of food and we feed them as soon as the one cat begins his chirping.  Usually we can fall back asleep…not today!

I’m awake, yawning of course, sitting here laughing at how quiet the house is now that their bellies are full.  This of course sparked my thinking that I needed to dedicate a blog post about our sweet ones.  Oh the life of a cat….

“Look mom, I can roll into a ball and look like a basketball.  Just don’t try to bounce me though.”



“Whatcha reading?”



“Uh oh… the only place to go from here is out of the frying pan and into the fire…” Busted!



“I’ll keep Raggedy Ann company mom, don’t worry.”


“Come on…get out of there so we can play,” said the instigator.

“Nope… find someone your own age to torment” said the quiet one.



“How sweet it is that my lap is so blessed” said mom.

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    1. Who me? Well thank you… Ha ha . They are sweet aren’t they? At 3:30 a.m their cuteness is a bit blurred, but soon enough we see their redeeming personalities. Thanks for commenting.

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