Garden Tower Project Planted


This morning my husband and I began discussing the day over his coffee and my meds.  As we talked about all of the projects to begin working on, we decided that the two of us would go out early to get what we needed and also pick up some groceries for the weekend.

One of the items on our list of items to pick was worms for the worm composting Garden Tower.  I told him about the place I bought them a few years ago and he gladly drove me on my little adventure.  We were able to get our groceries and worms all in one shot.  While there, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with Will Allen from Urban Farming.  We spoke to him for at least 20 minutes while we discussed his ideas for his own Garden Towers.  I had noticed there were 4 or 5 of them in the green house and we began talking about farming, animals, bees (which he offered to help me with…. woo hoo) and aquaponics.  I had taken a tour of the facility with the kids a few years ago, however, my husband had yet to see it. I walked him through two of the green houses and was able to show him where the tilapia help with the feeding of the plants above.  So impressive.  So important.  Meeting Will was a great adventure and made my day.  What a nice man with such a vision for good health and sustainable farming.

Anyway, we came home after our errands, had lunch and went out to plant the Garden Tower.  I planted cabbage, kohlrabi, fennel, lettuce, spinach, bok choy, and kale.  I also did my starter plants and put them in the house in the “greenhouse”.    Now I just have to wait a little longer for the hydroponics to arrive and by then my starters will be ready for planting.   The kids also rebuilt the “old” garden so that hopefully the rabbits will not be able to get into it and they made it half the size it once was.  This is where we will plant the carrots, beets, radishes, watermelon and the cantaloupe.  Hopefully!

I’m not sure how I’ve had the energy… well… I have an idea but I’m not sharing until I see if it’s short lived or if I may have found something that is working.  I’ll know soon enough!

Happy Mothers Day to all those who are moms.

9 thoughts on “Garden Tower Project Planted”

  1. I’m praising God for your energy, hoping whatever it is works forever!! Happy mothers day my friend!

  2. What a fun and productive day! We added anoher raised bed this year, but I haven’t had a chance to plant anything yet. Enjoy the veggies when they come in. Glad you are feeling a little better and hope it continues!

  3. Hi Sherry,
    Just stopping by to say hello! looks like you have been busy! This fascinates me…I’ll have to stop by again to see it in full glory!

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