Feline Friendly Friday (late post)

Well, it’s official…cats are intuitive!

IMG_3644 IMG_3646

With another snow storm approaching, the cats have decided it’s time for a Disney trip.  We cannot blame them, however, it is so funny that today is the very first day that they are sitting in their Mickey Cat beds at the same time as one another.

I seriously think they know the snow is coming and they are trying to tell us something.  Little do they know we have been thinking the same thing!

5 thoughts on “Feline Friendly Friday (late post)”

    1. No worries my friend. We will be there long enough we already decided we are coming your way this time. Of course, we would love to see you more so maybe we will come over one day and you come over one day. 🙂 See you soon…

    1. The pictures just don’t it justice. It was so cute. They usually greet us at the door when we get home. They did not and this is where I found them. 🙂

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