Lyme Awareness Education

With May just around the corner, it’s important that people understand Lyme disease and chronic illness.  The warmer weather is approaching, the birds are chirping and the ticks are already awake and ready to begin their vampire behaviors.  As I look outside I see my son working outside to do some spring cleaning, I pray that he will be diligent about checking himself for the little buggers when he comes in to clean up.  I also pray that he will not find a tick nor be bitten by one.

Jenna’s Lyme Blog had a wonderful post yesterday that included a YouTube video of Dr. Alan MacDonald and his expert insight into this disease that has wrought our country and world with ailments in the healthiest of individuals.   He is a pathologist who has studied Lyme Disease for over two decades and worked alongside others who have and continue to pioneer in the study and research necessary to one day  better understand Lyme.  His interview is the most explicit and in depth that I have yet seen and for someone who do not live with Lyme, it is very much a learning opportunity that should not be missed.

Please take this time to view all three of the YouTube videos on his interview from the perspective of an expert pathologist.  In honor of those whom you know, love and pray for, please help us educate others and spread the word about Lyme Disease.  After all, May is Lyme Awareness Month.

Alan MacDonald, PhD; The Biology of Lyme Disease: An Expert’s Perspective:



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