End of Summer

It’s been a crazy summer. If you have not seen me lately it’s because we’ve been really busy. Praises to the Lord for the strength He gives to continue on. We are richly blessed and are thankful for every moment. As we close out summer and begin our school activities, I thought it would be fun to share a few of our special moments.

Starting out with Summerfest and Music.  Lindsey Stirling was amazing!





How about a glass of wine and a little Shakespeare in the park overlooking the city?  Cheese and crackers anyone?
The night market was fun.  Listening to music, walking the vendors, and watching the ice sculpture slowly melt in the 80 degree evening.
The night market was fun. Listening to music, walking the vendors, and watching the ice sculpture slowly melt in the 80 degree evening.



Who could believe we would once again venture down to Disney.  Especially when we said we would never go during summer.  We did enjoy several aspects however, that we would not have enjoyed had we not gone….
Frozen Festival in the summer…..
And seeing some friends of old!  What a great night of selfies, dancing, blue blinking lights and sore feet.  🙂


Learning how to make several Korean dishes while listening to friends play the kids instruments.  
Water park with the cousins.


One of the best parts of summer was attending the North American Championships in Maxville, ON.  Ten bands competed for the North American Championship in Grade II…. 



Meet the winners of the North American Championships….Yes!!!! Greater Midwest Pipe Band.   Well worth all of the travel and the work.  Something the kids will never forget.  Next year Scotland and the World’s?  
Who could forget session in a local pub.  Playing fiddle with friends and classmates.  
On stage with Liz Carroll at Irish Fest.  Playing just before a monsoon of rain, constant lightning, and wind gusts that nearly blew us over.  It did end up being a great night once the rain stopped.  Took longer for the lightning, we just avoided sitting on the metal bleachers.  




Our daughter celebrated her 16th birthday which was not only her sweet 16, yet also her golden birthday.  It was a day of celebration with friends, a limo, dinner and a masquerade party.  



Yes this is me..scaring a dear friend at the end of the Jurassic World movie.  It was  hilarious… and I’m sure if she would have thought of doing it to me, she would have!  🙂 
And lastly, a fun night with mom and daughter attending a Saucy Suffragette party with our friends and Attorney General for our stat celebrating 95 years.  Should we be worried that the only thing we had to buy in order to dress time period, were the hats?  What a great night.

I hope dear friends that your summer was as full and as exciting with thankful blessings of family and fun.  I do hope to begin blogging more consistently in the next few weeks.  I have plenty of Feline Friday pictures to post.  🙂  And a great many thoughts of God’s ever present providential care in our lives.  God’s blessings to you all and to your families

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  1. Wow, you had way more fun than I realized, you crazy foursome! My favorite pic was the last one. Beautiful mom and daughter!


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