No feline…Just Funny….


Due to the little co-inhabitants that occupy my body, we woke up late this morning.  Unfortunately, they (my Borreliosis)  have deciding to come alive and wreak havoc with a vengeance.  That’s another story for another time.

Anyway, today was lab draw day for the kids as they have their appointment with the doctor in a few weeks.  So, having the blood draw done first saves us time and money on not having to go to a second appointment.  Well, with us waking up late, me needing my coffee and then taking a shower it was nearly 10:15 by the time we left.  Now, I want the accuracy of the tests so the kids were fasting, which did NOT go over very well.  Especially when I said NO coffee to them.

We got to the lab, which is usually a quick 20 minute in and out, only to find that the lab is under new management and they have changed their routine so that only one person is drawing labs and doing all of the paperwork.  The waiting room had several waiting for drug testing.  Hmmmm…. unfortunately, with the closing of their other labs, we got to sit and admire our surroundings while we waited.   A new experience for the kids, I just have to add.

Anyway, when we finished, the kids were crabby, ready to pass out and getting headaches.  Both wanted food and coffee.  So, I stopped at Starbucks to brighten their moods.  By the time we pulled away I was laughing so hard I was near tears.  Let me recap the conversation as it took place:

Me:  “Okay, so what do you want?”

Daughter:  “I want a Vanilla Skinny Latte.”

Son:  “Order me a Venti Black Eye.”

Me:  “A What?  That’s a joke right?”

Son:  “No, that’s what it’s called.” (in a serious yet humorous tone at his already frustrated not amused mother.)

Lady at the drive thru:  “Ma’am I am unable to hear you can you back your car up so you are in front of the speaker?”

Me, after backing up: “I’ll take a Grande Vanilla Skinny Latte, a Grande Mocha, and…..(looooonnnngggg pause)….. Um…..Do you have a black eye?”

With this both kids are laughing hysterically.  I stopped for a moment to realize how that sounded and was also laughing.  The gal at the window replied with a bold “YES”, gave me the total and asked me to pull around.

I got to the window still laughing and had to explain that I asked it that way because I thought that my son was playing a joke on telling me to order a black eye.  Only, the way it came out with me asking if they even had that was even funnier.

You may be asking, as I still am…. What in the world is a Starbucks Black Eye?   Apparently its along the lines of very dark roast with a double shot of espresso.  We think!    If you know better, let me know.

Welcome to my world!  🙂



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