There is much to be said about the word Peace.  The dictionary gives the following definition for peace:  freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility.  Or, freedom from or the cessation of war or violence.  There is a third however that is not written in the dictionary, and that is the kind of peace that only Christ can bestow upon his beloved.  This peace is tranquil and quiet, yet it is also something else that I have yet to find the word for.  It’s the kind of quiet that goes beyond just the noise around us.  It’s a calming of the body, calming of the mind and calming of the soul.

Having peace in situations that are difficult, can be difficult in and of themselves, however, through prayer and scripture we see that peace is attainable when one has that relationship with our Lord and Savior.  He gives that peace of knowledge that all will be well and all will be dealt with.  That He and He alone can settle the most vile of offenses, most obnoxious behavior, and the results of such in observers.

As I have looked around the last year, it seems that the world has gone crazy.  There is so much violence, there is so much heartache and people are just well….not behaving appropriately.  It is very discouraging and could be very depressing.  Knowing the Lord has helped me to focus more on Him and not so much on that which the world would like to throw at us and at me.  Having some perspective and knowing that I cannot control people, their behavior or the world in which I live has given me peace.  Why?  Because it is a burden that is lifted when I read scripture and when I pray.  A burden of feeling like I have to hold people accountable to their sin, or that I need to help the weak by taking on their troubles.   God has a plan for each of us.  He knows that which we are able to handle and that which will make us stronger in our faith and relationship with Him.  He makes us stronger in the valley’s so that we can look up and see his glory at the top of the mountain.  Waiting on Him to give us that peace is what I think is the most difficult.  Sometimes, we feel that if there is not peace at that moment then we have to do something.  Sometimes, we just need to sit back and watch, wait and listen.  Allow God to be all that He is and let Him take over that which we are not capable.

Friends, I ask you to pray with me this day on the burdens that are around us.  Pray that we can do what we can without feeling the burden of making “everything all right”.  We are here to assist with what we can, love those who seek our love and learn to accept the peace from our everlasting Father.