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Why “not” antibiotics?



(Picture taken from Berkley.edu)


In the last few months I’ve been asked many questions regarding my recent Lymes diagnosis.  How do I know I have Lymes? How am I feeling?  What do I need?  How long will it last?  What is the prognosis?  And the most asked question prize goes to two questions which are tied together, “Are you on antibiotics” and “why not”?

Well, let’s begin with the fact that I know I have Lymes as my Lymes titer came back positive and further testing from IGENIX tested positive for the little bugger you see at the top of the screen.  This is called a Lymes spirochete.  It’s the famous Lymes bacteria.  The picture alone makes my skin crawl and actually creeps me out more than a diagnosis of cancer or a tumor.  To know that the little buggers are inside of me reeking havoc on my body is a bit unnerving.  

How did I know to be tested for it?  I have a great medical professional that I work with for overall health that heard my complaints and decided to run a titer test.  My symptoms were easily recognizable to all who know me and know my busy lifestyle.  One day I hit a wall and just didn’t feel good.  I was flu achy, was so tired I could hardly stay awake, I had absolutely zero energy and I felt like I was dragging my foot.  After two weeks of feeling miserable, I called my healthcare professional and she immediate recommended blood work.  It came back about two weeks later positive and we began an herbal treatment until we got back my IGENIX test 3 weeks later.  

Now on the to the big question… Why not antibiotics?  Well, I believe that antibiotics help when there is no other option and when your life is in danger of being compromised.  Isn’t Lymes a life changer?  Yes it is, however, with Lymes there is no guarantee that you can kill off the spirochetes.  In fact, in my personal research and longing for information I have found that studies have shown that most people diagnosed with Lymes have long lasting symptoms later on in their lifetime even if they’ve been told they were cured.  You see, the spirochetes actually go into your organs, tissues and muscles and hide out when they are attacked.   They can wait until the environment is right and they come out and proliferate until you once again are sick.  Another issue, again from the research I have done,  is that study after study shows long term antibiotic usage and antibiotics in our food sources all contribute to an antibiotic resistant outcome.  Due to Lymes being so difficult to treat and cure, long term antibiotic use is recommended, creating a perfect environment for co-infections, which is attributed to chronic Lymes and further damage to the body.  The spirochetes hide and the gut flora is damaged therefore allowing for the host to contract other infections that can be even more serious than the Lymes itself. 

Lymes has recently shown to be difficult to kill off due to it’s usage of manganese rather than iron.  Most bacteria utilize iron, and this one does not.  It also enjoys Flax and Magnesium.  So much for my wonderful flax seed crackers.  Ugggg!!!

Again, this has been what I have learned after hours upon hours of reading.  So, back to the treatment plan.  Well, I have once again changed my diet to no carbs (other than vegetables)  and no sugar (other than natural fruits).  I have gone back to adding in at least one or two fermented foods in a day.   I found that a combination of essential oils gives me relief and  I am taking A-L Complex which is a form of microbial components that have shown to  break down the spirochetes.  I take some of the Boiron products in combination to work with my body in helping  with the inflammation going on in my joints and muscles.  And I drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.  I have also added in a probiotic (for my gut), Krill oil, Berberine and Axtaxanthin (for my brain), CoQ10 and a Methylating Multi with enzymes to help my overall body and to boost my B’s.  You see, apparently my body does not utilize the vitamins or supplements due to a gene link that is missing. Or, according to one doctor, this could also be a symptom of Lymes.  

After about a month of this protocol, my energy level dropped again and I was having severe pains throughout my body.  I will admit that this did causing me to question my decision, I just wanted immediate relief and I knew that antibiotics would give me that.  I added in two more things that have brought me relief from the latest symptoms and once again I am on the upswing.  Bentonite clay or Activated Charcoal, both of which I had in the house.  Taking them once a day usually in the middle of the night has helped me to rid my body of the dead toxins the herbs are killing off.  I also needed an adrenal and liver support so I have a cream that I rub in my skin once a day.  I will be on this protocol for many months, yet I am confident that for me, this is the right path.  

What is my prognosis?  No one knows… however, I am hopeful that my energy level and fatigue will soon subside.  I am prayerful that there will not be any long lasting affects or disabilities and that I will be back to myself with few limitations within the next 6 months.  I know that God has prepared me with the desire for knowledge, the ability and avenues to find the studies I need to help me battle this disease, and He has prepared my heart to trust His will for my life.  Every day is a new day, every day is a new challenge and every day I praise God I woke up to a new day with my family by my side helping to support me in this journey of wellness and healing.  

As Jeremiah 29:11 says,  For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.