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Feline Friendlies

It’s been no secret that we have two cats.  They are the sweetest American Shorthairs you’ve ever seen.  One is 10, and the other is about 5.  We try to make their food, however, with me being sick it has been easier to buy canned foods.  Well, their appetite for anything other than chicken is slim and next to none, unless we share our raw salmon, grass fed beef or cooked lamb roast.  They truly have shown us they like homemade much better.

With the canned food, because we are trying to get them to eat variety, we have been buying as close to natural as we can, which sometimes can include a chicken soup.  Yes, they make canned chicken soup for cats.  Included in that meal are vegetables:  carrots, squash and peas.  One of the cats eats everything put in front of him, the other has decided to pick around the things she doesn’t like.

What you see here are the peas (and some veggies) that she refuses to eat.  And let me tell you… they are licked nearly clean of any chicken and sit perfectly in the bowl.  The one with three peas and a carrot?  Yes, she placed them perfectly as they are pictured.  You have to love cats….!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1