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Feline Friendly Friday (late post)

Well, it’s official…cats are intuitive!

IMG_3644 IMG_3646

With another snow storm approaching, the cats have decided it’s time for a Disney trip.  We cannot blame them, however, it is so funny that today is the very first day that they are sitting in their Mickey Cat beds at the same time as one another.

I seriously think they know the snow is coming and they are trying to tell us something.  Little do they know we have been thinking the same thing!

Feline Friendly Friday

I love following these posts that have something on specific days of the week.   So I’ve decided to start a “day of the week post”.  Coming up with my own spin on this, here is the first of my Feline Friendly Friday.  🙂

"So...watcha reading?"
“So…watcha reading?”
"I see you have a pencil.  Can I borrow it?"
“I see you have a pencil. Can I borrow it?”
"Okay, see if you can answer some of these questions."
“Okay, see if you can answer some of these questions.”
"Na, I just want the pencil.  It's much more fun to swat at."
“Na, I just want the pencil. It’s much more fun to swat at.”

Making Memories To Share

Making memories:

One cat slept this way.  Not sure why he likes the blood to pool into his brain.  Perhaps it’s his “high”.   He does this quite often.  Although, this time was a marathon.



The fascination this cat has with the fireplace is crazy.  No one can sit in front of it for too long as it’s just too stinkin hot.  Well, the cat sits in front of it, much longer than any of us can stand it, and then he jumps down onto the floor sprawling out until he cools down and then does it again.


Our son eating the mussels he so longed to try.  He enjoyed them enough that the waitress gave him the recipe.  Although, we laughed when she said the chef wasn’t there and that she knew where to find it and that she would make a copy of it for us… ooops!  Thank You!


A few of the 15 deer that we woke up to on Christmas morning out our bedroom window. I could only capture a few of them.  They were in the yard and in the woods.  We counted 15 that morning, and the next day there were 21.  Yes, that is all together at once, not spread out throughout the day.


Our Christmas tree with Olaf enjoying warming himself by the fire.   ha ha



Feline Friendlies

It’s been no secret that we have two cats.  They are the sweetest American Shorthairs you’ve ever seen.  One is 10, and the other is about 5.  We try to make their food, however, with me being sick it has been easier to buy canned foods.  Well, their appetite for anything other than chicken is slim and next to none, unless we share our raw salmon, grass fed beef or cooked lamb roast.  They truly have shown us they like homemade much better.

With the canned food, because we are trying to get them to eat variety, we have been buying as close to natural as we can, which sometimes can include a chicken soup.  Yes, they make canned chicken soup for cats.  Included in that meal are vegetables:  carrots, squash and peas.  One of the cats eats everything put in front of him, the other has decided to pick around the things she doesn’t like.

What you see here are the peas (and some veggies) that she refuses to eat.  And let me tell you… they are licked nearly clean of any chicken and sit perfectly in the bowl.  The one with three peas and a carrot?  Yes, she placed them perfectly as they are pictured.  You have to love cats….!

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


The life of a cat…

Spring flowers are blooming, the grass is green, and the birds are sweetly chirping…now that could be the reason for the 4:00 wake up calls by “the” cat.  It just has to be that he hears the birds and since they are awake we should be too.  Especially when he knows breakfast will be served upon our feet hitting the carpet.  There are no meows, only a high pitched chirping whine, every five minutes.  Seriously you would think he was dying.  We used to listen to him for two hours before hiking downstairs to feet them (since we usually make their food), now, we put the dishes upstairs along with a can of food and we feed them as soon as the one cat begins his chirping.  Usually we can fall back asleep…not today!

I’m awake, yawning of course, sitting here laughing at how quiet the house is now that their bellies are full.  This of course sparked my thinking that I needed to dedicate a blog post about our sweet ones.  Oh the life of a cat….

“Look mom, I can roll into a ball and look like a basketball.  Just don’t try to bounce me though.”



“Whatcha reading?”



“Uh oh… the only place to go from here is out of the frying pan and into the fire…” Busted!



“I’ll keep Raggedy Ann company mom, don’t worry.”


“Come on…get out of there so we can play,” said the instigator.

“Nope… find someone your own age to torment” said the quiet one.



“How sweet it is that my lap is so blessed” said mom.

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