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The Value Of A Christmas Gift

The day has arrived.  The gifts are strategically placed under the tree.  The children arise with excitement while breakfast warms in the oven.

Quickly, the morning passes by.  The mimosa’s were sipped and the table was cleared while all who enjoyed sat with full stomachs relaxing to sounds of Christmas music and small talk.  It seems as though the day has brought joy and cheer.   Yet, there is a longing in the heart for more.  Something that cannot be purchased in a store.  Something that cannot be planned.  Something greater than anyone can explain or put a monetary amount to.  The salvation of a lost soul.

Given this day, the awaited Messiah was presented to  a fallen  humanity.  The birth of a child that will save sinners from death.  The knowledge of Him and His saving grace is by itself is the greatest gift given on this Christmas day.  That we recognize the importance of God’s gracious gift and His unconditional love makes all the fuss of the celebration seem insignificant.  The true blessing and true gift of immeasurable splendor…Our Lord Jesus Christ!

From our family to yours, we wish all a Merry Christmas.


Hoping that everyone will take a moment to read this blog post.  It’s a wonderful thought provoking post.


Happy Anniversary….

“I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”  (Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring)


22 years and counting.

I love you sweetheart, happy anniversary.   Through thick and thin, through moves,  job changes,  illness, raising children, youth to middle age, and many more adventures, we have stuck it out, loving one another and supporting one another.  That’s how we’ve made it thus far.

Not through our own doing, yet through the hands of the Lord who considers us worthy to be counted amongst his children.  A heavenly Father who has guided us, secured us, and holds us close.  We praise the Lord Jesus for the strength to carry on through it all.  May those of you who are reading this be as blessed and be carried as far in your marriages.  Trusting in His plan for your lives.  Nothing is by accident, everything is by divine design, by only He who has created you.

If you have a wonderful anniversary story to share or a praise of the years you’ve celebrated, I welcome to hear them.

Until next time….I’m off to celebrate with the love of my life, the husband of my youth.  🙂  Cheers –