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Feline Friendly Friday

There has been a lot of drama the past two weeks, between the sale of the cottage falling through after I spent a week of packing, moving and selling off items, to the hardwood floors that were installed in our living room that were installed terribly.  I ended up firing the floor install guy and had to hire someone else to finish his work.  Drama….

Anyway, on a brighter note, I had the pleasure of taking care of the kitties next door while the family went on their first vacation since the parents honeymoon.  It was a pleasure watching the cats knowing that they were visiting our third home, Disney!

Watching these three is not without it’s own adventure.  I told my friend that I am absolutely comfortable watching her children yet her cats terrified me.  Two of the three take meds, one is older and a bit sickly, one is just plain old mean to anyone not her family (hence her nick name of so-ferocious) and the third is so darn sweet I could have taken her home because she didn’t want me to leave after each visit.   Well, on their day of return I decided to have a little fun with my friend and made several attempts to write notes and take the cats pictures next to them.  It ended up working out and my friend returned home to her sweet ones.





The last picture was a bit fun in that my husband actually walked over to watch the Michigan vs. Michigan State game and ended up setting off the alarm.  We all know how that worked out in the end….

Then, during the week I had turned on some lights so that when I went over that night it wouldn’t be so dark and when I went back over later on, the lights were off.  That was because my friends husband can turn off all lights from his cell phone, of which he had done.  Then while I was there he proceeded to turn on halloween lights.  Sounds a little Stephen Kingish don’t ya think.  ha ha ha