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Knitting Into Spring


Pink, blue, yellow and red
Yarn all around me
Taking shape in my head.

Knitting, crocheting and tatting galore
It’s a hobby and love
Not a chore.

Coffee in one hand
Pattern in another
It is decided and the outcome is grand.

Knit, pearl, yarn over, slip stitch
It’s all like a poem
Fitting together without a glitch.

Looking online one surely can find
Pinterest is incredible
Designed to blow one’s mind.

Patterns for women, men and children
From sweaters to gloves to scarves
To blankets to monkeys to things for the kitchen.

It’s not for the feeble or tender at heart
For one mistake
And it all falls apart.

Hands and needles coming together
Clicking along as if singing a song
It all comes together showing one’s love for another.
– Sherry 2015



Around Christmas, my neighbor woke up to find her beloved sweet kitty was in a coma like state.  Upon taking him into the ER it was determined he was not going to come out of it.  The  loss of her sweet little Oscar still leaves her with a broken heart.  I happened to speak with her as she was returning home after his death, and I felt so bad I just needed to do something.  I found a pattern for a kitty and hence the picture above.  I finished him on our way home from our vacation and I took this picture, sending it to her to let her know Oscar Jr.  was on his way home to her.   It was a sweet moment when she held him and put Oscar Sr.’s tags around his knitted neck.



Since that project, I turned my affection to a sweet little gal that was born to a wonderful couple at church.  We prayed for the couple for many years, that they would be blessed with a child of their own.  God’s graciousness was upon them and he answered our prayers.  Her majesty needed this little dress.  It took me a few weeks and was the very first outfit I have knitted.  After several attempts prior to this, I swore I would never knit or crotchet clothes.  Well, I actually did it… and I finished it.  She looks adorable in her sweet little dress.  (Yeah it turned out.)

I’m so glad that my hands are working well enough that I can once again knit.  Something I feared was not going to happen.  I once thought that all of those who received the fingerless gloves one Christmas were to be the only recipients of any hand made gifts from me.  So happy to report that is not the case.  Click, click, click… I’m still knitting… 🙂