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Still Going Strong…Tabouli Anyone?


Well, we are still hanging in there with the Eat Right 4 Your Type meal plan and thus far have continued to notice less bloating, weight loss, more energy (with the exception of the Lyme symptoms that plague my body with the changing weather) and a new outlook on our future and foods.  We have all noticed that certain foods can still make our mouths water and yet, we are not craving much more than the fresh veggies and fruits that our body needs.  We had a few weeks that we struggled with brilliant meal ideas, yet we made it through and this week has been a little better with the planning and food prep.

I would say that one of our all time favorites has been the meal on Monday night when my husband and I had the opportunity to prepare dinner together like we used to, pre-children.  It was a delightful evening filled with ideas, conversation and sharing of responsibility to prepare a meal that the kids didn’t critique and devoured leaving no leftovers.  (You could say boo hoo…it was that good!)

The recipe was taken from fellow blogger minimalist baker.com.  Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Crispy Tofu.  She did an amazing job coming up with the recipe.  I only made two changes to it, I used Brown Rice Spring Roll Papers and I used Bean Threads as the noodles.  I have avoided tofu for so long it is difficult to convince myself to use it in my recipes, however, this one was well worth it.  Especially when I found organic, fermented Tofu.  I encourage you to take a look and give them a try.

Tonights dinner  was another hit, making Buckwheat Tabouli served up in romaine leaves or in avocado halves.  The original recipe came from the back of the Eden Organic Buckwheat package, however, I changed some of the ingredient choices… not sure it’s still considered tabouli.


2 C. cooked Eden Organic Buckwheat, cooled and fluffed

1 English cucumber, cut in half longwise, seeds scooped out and diced

3 medium green onions, chopped

5 artichoke hearts, chopped

1/8 C. chopped raisins, (I would have used currants, however I was out of them so I chopped up raisins)

1/8 C. pine nuts

1/2 C. fresh, chopped mint

1 C. fresh, chopped parsley

1 TBS. fresh minced garlic

1/8 C. pumpkin seeds, chopped

3/4 C. Olive Oil

Juice from 2 fresh lemons, plus another 1/2 to drizzle over before serving

2 tsp. sea salt

1 diced up ripe avocado, unless you serve it in avocado halves

Mix all ingredients together and chill for at least an hour.  Fill Romain lettuce boats or Avocado halves and drizzle the juice of 1/2 a lemon on top prior to serving.