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Happy Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving… a time of the year when the smell of the food tantalizes the memory bank of years gone by.  From childhood memories of family Thanksgivings at a grandparents house, with cousins, aunts and uncles and laughter sprouting from every corner to the memories that we are making today.  From the turkey that baked all day to the traditional recipes passed down for generations.  The potato dumplings dance in the pot and the whipped cream salad chills out in the freezer just waiting for their hour to be presented to the mouth watering family patiently waiting for their once a year feast.  Our days are quieter than they once were, yet the joy and laughter still roars though the house bouncing off  of the walls, reminding us that what’s more important than anything is the things that we can be thankful for.

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

With times of uncertainty, we do ourselves great disservice if we cannot be grateful for the blessings that we have been given by the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Some of the things I am thankful for are:  (in no particular order)

  1.  A husband who has always provided for our needs and who continues to do so with every morsel of his being.  For a man who trusts the Lord in everything he does and who loves me and cares for me ’til death do us part’.

  2.  I am thankful for my children who are growing up making the Lord a first priority in their lives and whose laughter warms their mother heart.

  3.  For family and friends who stand by us when we need them the most.

  4.  For a loving God who saved me out of the ashes to call me one of His own.  Praise God… For once I was lost, and now am found.

  5.  I am thankful for the years we have been able to enjoy a cottage, where we could hang our hats and relax while the world went on without us.  (Even though the realtor is coming tomorrow… sigh)

  6.  For the roof over our heads and the food that we enjoy at the giving of the Lord.  (Even though we had a day of cold showers due to the hot water heater having issues and the fact that the kitchen sink is broken.)

  7.  For the gift of safety when traveling.  (And for the nice police officer that did NOT give me a ticket even though I was speeding to get here…)

  8.  For the snow that reminds me of the changing over of seasons.  (Even though I got stuck in the ditch going down the driveway and then got stuck half way up the driveway due to the great amount of snow.)

  9.  For the healing in my body and movement.   (Even though I’m tired and achy…)

  10.  For the many friends that I have met through this blog.  You keep me smiling and keep me going.  🙂

The last few days have been spent working to get the cottage ready to sell.  Cleaning out closets, cleaning up after mice that thought they would take up residency since we haven’t been here in a few months, cooking and preparing for today.  Now that today is here, I find myself relaxing in front of a fire watching the snow fall gently from the sky and trees while also smelling the turkey that warms itself in the oven.  How could one not be grateful.  We are blessed and there is no question about it and no reason to complain…. about anything!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  It is with great hope that your day is filled with thoughts of thankfulness, no matter where you are or what you are doing, that you will find something to be grateful for.


“Make sure to have on clean bundies…”



Oh the power of prayer…I marvel at His mercy!

“What?  Are you serious?  We are stopping 35 miles from home?  What are we going to eat for dinner?  I was looking forward to sleeping in my own bed!”  Oh out of the mouths of babes… can I still call them that when they are 17 & 14?

We tried with all our might to get home before the snow, however, we delayed slightly by leaving Orlando on Saturday at 10 rather than friday.  Although, if we had left Friday, we would have run into the sleet and ice that hit the mountains on Saturday.  As it was we saw numerous cars on the side of the road and a semi that had spun out in Knoxville when we got that far on Sunday.

Knowing that we were going to hit some snow, I began to pray and sent out texts asking for travel mercy prayers to those whom I knew would actually pray.  By the time we hit Indianapolis, I saw on the local news channels in our home town that there were numerous spin outs with several multi car pileups.  Not excited to see what was coming, I admit my panic level rose slightly.  Gary and I have differing views of snow and what is drivable vs. “stay at home and wait it out”.  Being that I already didn’t feel good and was in quite a bit of pain due to upping one of my meds, I admittedly was even more anxious. When you add in the extras:  that we were in a 40 foot RV made out of plywood placed on a semi chassis, towing a car, riding with your best friend, your two children and two cats, to say the least I was extremely uncomfortable.

Not knowing quite what else to do, I embraced the moment by washing the dishes as Gary drove and put away all sharp projectile objects, cleared off the counters, pulled sheets off of the bed, changed from my pajamas into my clothes and into clean “bundies” and brushed my hair and my teeth.  After all, my mother always joked that you needed to make sure to have on clean underwear just in case you get into a car accident.  I thought that it would be appropriate to brush my teeth as well just in case recessitation would be in order.   Then I sat in the passenger seat with my phone to capture spin outs, hoping that it wouldn’t be ours.

Thank goodness I didn’t capture anything other than snowy roads, which by the way got so bad that we could no longer see any lanes.  After almost two hours of driving trying to guess what was a lane and going at a speed of 30 mph, we crossed the border into our home state and stopped for the night at a rest area.  Yes…. 35 miles from our house!  It wasn’t pretty yet it was necessary.  We did not have to experience any spin outs and we missed all of the fun others were having closer to home.  Rather, we sat on the couch of the RV watching Duck Dynasty reruns, eating cereal and chips for dinner while truckers began to follow our lead and pour into the rest area.

This will be one final mishap memory in the travel journal of our 2013 Thanksgiving road trip to Florida.   Alongside the memories of the glass gallon of milk that fell out of the fridge (for the second time), monster mosquito bites (thanks honey for grilling for us), the toilet that overflowed during the flush out process (note to self: don’t leave the campsite when you are flushing out the black tank), and the cat crap cleanup…trying to forget that one actually!