Olaf Rocks

Last weekend at a friends house, I saw a hat she had made as a gift for one of her nephews.  In a moment of charitable mercy, she agreed to make me one when I boldly declared I needed one.  ( I am so blessed she didn’t boldly reply back with a big fat “NO”)

I don’t know if I can possibly thank her enough.  Had to share the fun I’m having already!

All I have to say is…. OLAF ROCKS!


4 thoughts on “Olaf Rocks”

  1. You are to cute!!! Merry Christmas!! Maybe we can get together after Christmas? We r heading back to MI Friday for a week so I’ll touch base when I return. Love you my friend!!

    1. Looks like we have the same skinny tree! 🙂 See you soon. Look forward to hearing from you when you return. Merry Christmas.

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