Traveling Memories Week 2


Riding one of the “child friendly” roller coasters with our son.  Front seat wasn’t so bad as it was well tolerated.  Yesterday I rode the Rockin Roller Coaster with the kids.  You could say I had a brain lapse and got on the ride thinking “Oh there aren’t any drops it just goes fast.. I can handle this..” I knew that I was in trouble from the moment it went from zero to sixty… Yes, this is what this ride is all about.  Okay, to stop any additional adrenaline rushes and cortisol waste, I closed my eyes and did Lamaze breathing.    As my friend reminded me it was already dark in there.  I told her I hadn’t noticed as my eyes were already closed.  ha ha  Hey, it worked and I walked off without any screams leaving these lips and I wasn’t spent from cortisol use.


Selfie with Cheshire.


Notice anything?  The Hat is gone… Boo hoo!


Although we do like the new look it’s a little strange….


A little too close for comfort.  Believe it or not he was actually under my chair.


To be my friend you have be able to take a joke or be the butt of one.  So if you’re camping with me and you wake up with a red eye that lasts for 2 days you deserve to wear what I buy you.   (Okay, I didn’t buy it, but I was ever so close and the kids almost made me… )

photo 3 photo 2

Yes this is the real carriage from the movie.  And we got to hold the glass (plastic) slipper.  Look at those two queens and their ladies in waiting.  🙂

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