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When the kids were little, we had fun with breakfasts.  We had muffin Mondays, Twisted Tuesdays (which could be anything from omelette’s to yogurt), waffle Wednesdays, thankful Thursdays (again, either eggs or yogurt) and french toast Friday’s.  As years have gone by and they are getting older, we still don’t eat much cereal and eggs are usually the breakfast choice.  Unless of course, mom is having a good morning and we change it up a bit and make either muffins, crepes, or waffles.  This morning, I felt pretty good and was able to make my husband an omelette and the kids waffles.

As I served them up, our son announced that he really wasn’t looking forward to waffles as they “usually have no flavor and honestly just don’t taste good”.  This mornings however, were “delicious and were the best ever”.   When they asked me what I did different I told them that “I think it’s better you don’t know and then you’ll keep on enjoying them”.  Of course, that only made them really want to to know what was in them   so I informed them that the left over sweet potatoes they’ve avoided for two days were discretely placed in their “delicious” waffles.   Our son had already assumed there was a vegetable in there somewhere.  After all, when they were little I used to add things like carrots and zucchini to their muffins and either cut up prunes, dates, or apricots to their pancakes.  Who needs chocolate chips in pancakes when you have apricots?  🙂

Anyway, I thought I’d share the recipe for those of you looking for something really yummy and easy to make.

Waffles & Leftovers (this made 5 waffles)

In a blender add the following ingredients in the order given and blend until smooth:

8 farm fresh eggs

2 tsp. organic vanilla

1/2 C. raw honey,

2 tsp. organic apple cider vinegar

1 C. precooked organic yams or sweet potatoes

2 tsp. celtic sea salt

2 C. Organic Almond flour

2 tsp. baking soda

2 TBS. variety chopped presoaked, dried nuts

1 TBS. shredded organic coconut

Make sure you have a hot waffle iron that has been lightly oiled with either lard, grape seed oil or a coconut oil.  Pour your batter in the waffle iron, close and set timer for 3 minutes.  If you have a waffle iron that turns over, I usually pour in the batter, set the timer and turn over immediately, then turn it back when I have about 1 minute left.

What is wonderful is fresh or frozen cut up fruit to place on top of the waffles with a little butter.  Who needs syrup when you have fruit?  🙂

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